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Middle Eastern Linen, Homeware, Gifts, Hampers

middle eastern collection

Having been established in Jumeirah since 2001, and as a homegrown Dubai brand - creating a beautiful provisions range inspired by the flavours of the Middle East was our way of showing how much the city means to us.

Our Flavours of Dubai Range brings together the glorious traditional herbs, spices, & fruits of the Middle East with Western chutneys or marmalades. 

Our entire collection strongly reflects elements of our Dubai Heritage. The patterns you see on the jars and packets throughout the range have been hand drawn and were inspired by the gypsum panels of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoums house at Al Shindagha. 


Relish, Chutney & preserves


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Made in our Dubai HACCP certified kitchen,  our Middle Eastern inspired range was created using real fruits,

vegetables, spices & herbs.  We do not use artificial flavours or preservatives & they are all gluten free.



Savoury Crackers


Our Middle Eastern savoury crackers bring together nutritious seeds and spices of the region ; sesame, sumac, zaatar, cumin

& turmeric  are some of our favourites used in our hand-made cracker range – Perfect with a Cheeseboard, or your favourite toppings & dips.



sweet biscuits & confectionery


Our cookies, biscotti’s & confectionery are all hand-baked in our Dubai bakery – using traditional baking methods,

&  are flavored with traditional Middle Eastern ingredients, beautiful dates,  pistachios, apricots, lemons, & almonds. 



homeware & linen


Our natural 100% linen napkins & tea towels are embellished with traditional elements of Dubai; palm trees,

camels, windtowers, & Gahwa coffee pots.

Our Natural Birchwood boards are stamped with traditional architectural patterns inspired by the gypsum panels of

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoums house at Al Shindagha.


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