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Foggy Forest

sustainability & our environmental initiatives

Environmental packaging has been a priority for us since we opened in 2001. Recycling, acting responsibly & sourcing biodegradable & environmental options are what we’re all about!

Proactively working to reduce plastic pollution has long

been a focus of ours.


Here’s an update on our Plastic Campaign so far...

All of these products are biodegradable & made from

sustainable resources!


        Introduced cornstarch lids to our takeaway coffee cups - 2018
        Eliminated the use of plastic straws - 2018
        Reduced cling film usage in our company by 80%.- 2017/2018
        Compostable takeaway bags - 2017
        Retail cookie bags - biodegradable 2013
        Cold drink cups - biodegradable - 2009
        Takeaway salad pots - biodegradable - 2009
        Recycled unbleached napkins - 2007
        Cakes boxes - 2001
        Takeaway cutlery - has always been wooden

We are continuing to aggressively target “every” aspect of single use plastic’s & excess consumables in our cafes, kitchen & bakery.


Did you know if you bring in your own take away coffee cup to any one of our cafes you receive 2aed off!


protect out world graphic.jpg

Our coffee & tea is 100% organic To avoid pesticides & avoid dangerous chemical residue.

Our takeaway cutlery is made from bamboo & always has been.Did you know bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet!

Since 2007 our napkins have been unbleached

& made from 100% recycled resources which
means they’re also biodegradable!

WE ONLY USE FAIRTRADE TEA & COFFEE To ensure support for the hard working farmers & their families who grow these wonderful products.
Both of our Tea and Coffee suppliers support communities & charities in both Ethiopia

& Sri Lanka.


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