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Savoury crackers, chutney & ME Board gen
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Our Provisions Store began when customers were always  asking what the lovely jam was that had been served with their toast, or what is the delicious chutney that was in their sandwich, or could they take home some of our Lime Tree Organic Coffee Beans or our Nutty Toasted Muesli.

So we started to make extras for those times that people asked and gradually it grew.  It's continued to grow into to the beloved store we have in every cafe. 

Now our collection includes more than just our jam or chutney. From our hand iced cookies that are a staple for celebrations throughout the year, to our savory crackers and biscotti that are perfect for cheese and of course not forgetting our jams and chutneys that have grown into their own flavor ranges. 


We've expanded into homeware, our own bamboo boards, serving displays. utensils, wooden spoons, aprons & beautiful linen napkins. 

Our cookie maker has grown into a team, baking, icing, toasting daily and we've added a certified gluten free bakery so no one misses out on our delights!


Middle Eastern Crackers
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gLUTEN FREE collection
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homemade preserves
Middle Eastern Collection
Linen & homeware
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Our Story

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Middle Eastern collection
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